The Amateur Incursion

I have been in the wedding business a long time and i have seen vendors come and go. What I find really disturbing is the number of amateur “professionals” that have been cropping up like weeds as of late and it is primarily because of sites like craigslist. Now don’t get me wrong craigslist is great if you are looking for someone to mow the lawn twice a month or fix that sink that just won’t stop dripping but do you really want to trust your wedding day to these “professionals”?


Take photography for example. It seems like everyone that gets a Canon Rebel for Christmas suddenly thinks they can be a photographer at a wedding just because they shot their cousin’s wedding once and the pictures came out “great”. Do you really want to trust those precious once in a lifetime moments to someone that got lucky once because he or she knew everyone at the wedding? My nine year old can get “great” shots on my Nikon at a family get together because everyone is willing to pose for her.  Yes your friends have state of the art smart phones that can get really great pictures but will you even get them? Will they hashtag every shot and do you really want to go looking for those precious memories on 30  Instagram posts?


I am in the DJ business and as a lark I went on craigslist to see what my “competition” was up to and I was appalled! I found so many DJs that while they may do well in a nightclub or frat party, had no business advertising themselves as a wedding DJ. I saw prices as low as 30 dollars an hour! That is awesome! Great deal right?

You get what you pay for and if all that matters is someone playing music that is not edited (i.e. non radio-friendly explicit versions that will make grandma have a heart attack and little 11 year old Susie twerk on the dance floor with her “fun” aunt) then that might be perfect for you but if you want a DJ that can announce and coordinate the party so it runs perfectly with appropriate music, then you may have to set your sights a bit higher. Your DJ needs to know when the first dance will happen and when the cake will be cut and he or she should have the professional courtesy to find the photographers and videographers and tell them that it will be happening iafter the next song. That comes with experience. Also your DJ should never ever drink on the job...Period!

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The modern smart phone can also capture amazing video! I have seen whole movies shot on an Iphone and it looked as good as many high end cinema cameras but don't be fooled. Those cinematographers have had years of training and use motorized gimbals and external microphones connected to a digital recorder. Your friends may post great videos on Facebook and YouTube but when it comes to the biggest day of your life you will want a pro who knows how to mic the event and get the shot the first time....the only time.

Even if you don’t hire me, please call me and at least let me give you the tools you need to pick the right vendors for the job. I will be glad to arm you with the right questions to ask any given vendor and may even be able to recommend a few I have worked with over the years because the amateur incursion is coming! Call me anytime at 252-320-3664. I am happy to help!